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Thanks, Bob.

Very nice public service.


That is, not your taking a hiatus, but the iTunes advice.


I rip my songs using WMP, so I would have to find another work-around.


Off until the 19th?
You slacker!
Maybe I'll post something in the meantime. I am sure everyone is waiting in antici-------pation.


I can't believe you're taking time off during the introduction of Mary Worth's new love interest: Aldo Stalker, played by William H. Macy's character from Boogie Nights on an all-Twinkie diet. Good times. This storyline could prove to be even better than the saga of Drunken Rita and the ceremonial swans of matrimony. Dare to dream.

Ffej Namrak

Please let us know your thoughts on Big Ben being "seconds" away from death. I wish the man the best and pray that he has a complete recovery, but it sickens me that this story (from a month ago) is the lead story on all local stations as another war is flaring up in the Middle East. Peace out.

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